Off the beaten track BARCELONA

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Perspective can change depending on who is looking at it. This article is more for people who do not know the city, at you, who are planning your holidays in Barcelona or who are already in the city and want to see more than tourist areas, filled with selfie taking foreigners.

If you are in any of these situations, keep reading as these tips will make a great trip to Barcelona.
Often, when we choose to travel to a particular place, we like to see and know better how people live, what they eat, how they move, where they party, how they meet … And of course, in travel guides or other tourist blogs, you don’t find much on the most “intimate” part of the city.
So if you want to learn more, if you want to see more than the 4 monuments and typical museums, here are some places to know and really live Barcelona.
First of all, the Montjuic mountain is very beautiful, its visits are incredible and did you know that right next to the telecommunication tower or the Calatrava tower in Montjuic, there is a park where you can relax, do yoga , walk your dog with great views?

The Forum, or also known as the Fórum Park, is an area where many music festivals are held, but you can go skating or biking there because it offers very fun descents and there is plenty of space. There is also an area on the coast in the Park del Fórum itself, where in summer you can swim as if you were in saltwater pools. In summer, there are few tourists because the area is quite difficult to reach if you do not know where it is.

Nearby is the Rambla de PobleNou. Walking on this Rambla is like walking in a small town, it seems you have left the big city. It is also very close to the beach and the atmosphere is very pleasant in summer.

Let’s go back to Montjuic, in the neighborhood of Poble Sec, a neighborhood that has grown the last few years, not at the level of construction, but at the level of the atmosphere. Many young people have decided to live here to give a new look at the neighborhood. If you like tapas and pinchos, the best thing is to go to Blai Street (Carrer Blai), walk through the terraces and bars and enjoy not only the food but also the atmosphere.

If you want a little more of Barcelona, ​​I recommend you to get lost in the neighborhood of Gracia. Many people arrive in the first streets of the neighborhood and are delighted with the environment, but I recommend you to continue, lose yourself in these streets, because the only thing you will not find is boredom. You can walk on the Plaça de la Virreina, the Revolució, visit art galleries, multidisciplinary spaces, lose yourself with the thousand options of bars and restaurants that are there. Many Barcelonans move to this neighborhood.

And finally, one of the places where you will find more people from all walks of life but living temporarily or indefinitely in the city is undoubtedly the Ciutadella Park. A place where on weekends, more Sunday than Saturday, young and old gather to walk, meet friends, exercise, play ball, have a picnic or listen to music. It’s a great place to socialize, make new friends and have a great time outdoors.

I hope these places off the beaten track allow you to know and enrich your stay in Barcelona. Many people visit the city, fall in love and settle there.

Do you know some other off the beaten Barcelona secrets ?