Transport in Barcelona

Sometimes traveling to a destination that we do not know can be a challenge, but getting around the city can be overwhelming.

Often, it is more expensive to use public transport and travel more than 8 hours to the destination than to fly.

As traveling lovers, we want to help you with our knowledge and facilitate your stay and trip to Barcelona.

For this reason, we have updated and collected transport information in Barcelona so that you can save it on your mobile or tablet and simply enjoy the city.

We focus on resources that reduce pollution because we are in favor of the well-being of the ozone layer, to keep our city, Barcelona, ​​clean and unpolluted.

Below the maps of the Public Transport of Barcelona.


Aerobus Barcelona morning and evening timetable Click to Download

Barcelona Night Bus Map
and Surroundings Click to Download

How to get from the airport to the center of Barcelona Click to Download

Barcelona Bus Map Click to Download

NitBus map (night bus) Barcelona Click to Download

Map of Metro Barcelona Click to Download

Metro Barcelona Map (better view) Click to Download


All you have to do is enjoy the city and if you wish, you can do it with us, with one of our specialized tours.

Walking tour
Bike tour
Sailing tour
or with our Kayaking and snorkeling trips on the Costa Brava, during the summer months.

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