The best beaches to surf in Barcelona

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When they said Barcelona is made for everyone, it means there are activities for all tastes. In this case, we are talking about a sport that attracts millions of people from all over the world, and while lots already participate, many more want a taste of taste of it.

If you’re a surf lover, you cannot live without the feeling of slipping through the waves, the sea salt on your skin or the contact with nature and if you are in Barcelona, ​​you can enjoy surfing as well.
Barcelona is not known for its waves, nor for its surfing championships or for being a surf town… but it does not mean that there are not some beaches where you can enjoy some ‘occasional’ waves.

In Barcelona we have Bogatell and Barceloneta Beach. Perhaps the last one is more frequented by tourists because it is closer to the center of Barcelona and more exposed to the crowd. The best time to surf on these beaches runs from October to March, coinciding with winter in the city.

A little further south, we have the beach of Sitges, very close to the cemetery, we find one of the best beaches in terms of surfing in Barcelona.

Further south is Garraf Beach, it should be noted that the beach itself is quite small.
Going further down is Port Ginesta Beach. This beach is quite exposed to the wind.

Back in Barcelona, ​​this time heading north, we find Montgat Beach, perhaps one of the busiest spots for locals in Barcelona. Thanks to its easy access, many people choose to try their luck on this beach and enjoy more nature than in the Catalan capital. You get there by train RENFE.

Going up the coast, you will find the beach of El Masnou. With waves similar to his neighbor Montgat beach.
The beaches of Premià and Vilassar are also nearby. Maybe Vilassar beach is the least suitable for beginners, because if there is a crosswind, it will be impossible to surf.
All these beaches of the Maresme coast are easily accessible as you can travel by train or by car. For this reason, more and more people in and around Barcelona who like this sport tend to go there and when there are good waves, some beaches are overcrowded, but you can also meet people with the same passions and hobbies.

And you, would you like to surf?