Clothes for summer traveling

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Are you thinking of traveling to Barcelona this summer?
Many think that traveling in summer is better not just because of getting that holiday tan, but also with the heat you wear less clothes and you can take less luggage in your suitcase.
But you also have to think that as every human being in summer is hot and normally that body heat is transformed into sweat (yuk eh), so you’ll have to think of comfortable clothes, perfect for summer but also breathable.

Now we have some tips so you can enjoy your vacation without having to take all of your closet with you.

To begin with, you have to focus on your destiny. If you travel to Barcelona, ​​you will wear a type of clothing that you would not wear in the desert, so be realistic and do not start loading the suitcase just in case…

A good advice is to wear garments that are combinable with each other. For example, if you wear one-color pants, they will be easier to wear and combine with more shirts, blouses or tops, even if they are printed.
When you travel it is also important to wear comfortable clothes, so try not to take your favorite heels because maybe you don’t even have the opportunity to put them on.
Even if you travel in summer, you always have to wear a warm jacket or sweater, because you can perfectly cool off at night or you can find one of the typical summer rains during the hottest months.
Equally important not to forget the swimsuit or bikini to not miss a good day at the beach or a dip in the pool.
A comfortable footwear to walk hours and hours and visit Barcelona, ​​and some sandals to avoid heat.
Depending on the time of your stay in the city, it is best to wear a T-shirt or top per day and some extra arranged for a special occasion.
Pants or skirts that will depend on your tastes
Accessories, always when you travel the most comfortable is a small backpack that will follow you and accompany you in all your adventures, and in it do not forget the sunscreen, all your documentation and a little water or isotonic drinks to withstand the hottest days in Barcelona.

Once you have all your suitcase ready and with everything you think you need for your trip to Barcelona, ​​you just need to remember to enjoy the city and spend some great days in this city that can offer you, culture, gastronomy, a lot of history, fun and entertainment suitable for everyone and for all ages.

For you, what is indispensable in your suitcase when you travel?