Things to do for Saint Jordi

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On April 23rd, Catalonia is all covered in pink to celebrate the day of the books, roses and love. Streets are filled with roses and books, and Barcelona becomes more romantic than ever. It is the perfect day to stroll around the city and get lost into the decorated streets.

If you are lucky enough to be in Barcelona during Sant Jordi, you can enjoy all the attractions and activities offered by the city, which we present below, all in a festive and romantic atmosphere.

To begin, let’s go back to the tradition of the book and roses in Catalonia. The custom on Sant Jordi has been for men to offer a rose to women and women to give men books. But things have changed, and now people offer a rose or a book to anybody, not necessarily their partner. Thus, during Sant Jordi, hundreds of stalls selling books and roses flourish in every corner of the city. This day is the perfect opportunity to declare its love to a loved one.

As said before, during Saint Jordi, the book day is celebrated. This is a great opportunity for many bibliophiles and literature lovers to look for a particular book or a book appreciated by their loved ones. It is also not uncommon for some authors to go out in the streets to sign their books, for the enjoyment of readers.

On Sant Jordi day, we strongly suggest to visit some public space and institutions of the city that open their doors to the public, such as Barcelona City Council or the Catalonia Library.

The Sant Jordi is also an opportunity to discover or rediscover the city of Barcelona in a special and unique atmosphere. Take a walk through the city center amidst the bustle of book-goers and visit emblematic buildings where special activities are usually organized for this day. Frontages of buildings are covered by flowers, such as Casa Battló which delighted passers-by last year with its façade decorated with thousands of red roses.

To end the day on a high note, do not forget to sample the traditional Sant Jordi bread, a special bread only made for this day. When you will see it, you will understand why it is so special.

We strongly recommend strolling around Barcelona on this day of Sant Jordi, to enjoy the festivities of the city and discover the Catalan culture.