Romantic Villages in Catalonia

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Have you ever been called a true romantic or a lovey-dovey person? If the answer is yes, then you will love these romantic villages of Catalonia.
If, on the contrary, the answer is no, meh, it doesn’t matter, these villages are still worth seeing.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your partner, these places will help you find that romantic side you’re looking for. Who knows, maybe it will be the perfect place for a marriage proposal!

Arties: located in Vall d’Aran, this small village will make everyone happy. Its houses of stone and tile in the purest mountain style and its river will transport you straight into a tale The tranquility of this place is punctuated by its magnificent views and its surroundings.

Cadaqués: If you prefer a beach, we recommend this beautiful romantic city by the Mediterranean. Cadaqués is the city of the famous painter Salvador Dalí. In addition to being known for this, the place has a special charm, and has even been the cover of thousands of magazines

Tossa de Mar: On the beach, Tossa de Mar is one of the most emblematic and romantic cities on the Catalan coast. Its old town, perfectly rehabilitated and maintained, has its walls still standing, even if they are from the 12nd century. One of the best places for a very romantic rendezvous, a nice walk through the walls to the lighthouse (which is still active) surrounded by the Mediterranean.

Rupit: This village is very close to Barcelona, ​​it will make things easier if you have only a little bit of time and want to go to a special place. This small village of stone houses, with its balconies and small flowered streets, will transport you immediately into a fairy tale. It is also surrounded by beautiful forests and a well-known waterfall that you can visit. One of the largest in the region, called Sant de Sallent.

Catalonia is made for all tastes and for all types of romantics, you just need to know how far you want to go for romance!
Why not get in touch and let us organise a private custom romantic tour for you with a specialist guide.