Where to eat the best paella in Barcelona?

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If you are reading this then you are passionate, or at least interested, in gastronomy.
Are you one of those who, during your travels, need to try everything? You probably don’t have the time to taste everything but for sure, you want to try some of it, at least the famous national and regional dishes.
We think that if you want to really discover a new place, you have to know its history, and thanks to our Free Walking Tour, you will be able to know all the history and the anecdotes of the city and it will take you to the most interesting corners of the old town. To complete your tour, don’t miss one of the most famous and typical dishes of Barcelona. What better than to combine a cultural day with a good meal and a gastronomic discovery, because each traditional dish hides a story. And our guides can give more insights into these dishes and where to enjoy them.

And that is the reason we want to share with you our favorite places to eat paella in Barcelona.
In case you didn’t know it, the paella in Valencia is not the same as in Catalonia. In fact, paella as such was born in Valencia, but the paella we have in Catalonia is very different.
One of the biggest differences is that in Valencia, they do not put seafood in their paella. These are seasoned with rabbit and chicken, while our paella is more based on seafood and fish.
In Valencia, they attach great importance and value to this dish of Spanish cuisine that must contain saffron. (a spice that gives a yellow color to the rice and one of the most valuable substances on our planet). On the other hand, seafood paella may or may not contain saffron.
The Catalan paella or the seafood paella, the most traditional you will see in Barcelona, ​​will always be served with seafood, rice and cooked very slowly so that the rice takes all the flavor of the fish broth and the ingredients .
Although there are many places where paella appears on the menu, only few of them serve an excellent paella. Here is a list of the best paella restaurants in Barcelona.
All you have to do is enjoy one of the best dishes of Spanish cuisine.
Enjoy your meal!