Looks for the rainy days

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We don’t just pride ourselves in giving the best tours in Barcelona (tut tut), we also like to dish out our fashion advice for the seasons. After all, we do our trade on the city streets, the mountains, beaches and of course on the Mediterranean Sea.
The month of April has just started. In Spanish, there is a popular saying “En abril, aguas mil”, which translates as “In April, a thousand waters”. The closest saying we have in English will be something like “April showers bring May flowers.”
And indeed, the months of April and May are the rainiest months of the year. But that doesn’t mean they are the worst.
Nature and living things also need water. Indeed, the rain is good for everyone. Barcelona enjoys a Mediterranean climate, which means that the temperatures are not extreme and thanks to the sea, they soften even more. That’s why you’ll never experience long, harsh winters with subzero temperatures or 40ºC hot summer days. Barcelona loves to live all seasons of the year and there are differences between them. You can live and differentiate perfectly, winter, spring, summer and autumn.
With only a few months of rain, you just have to get ready and know what to wear to avoid getting wet and enjoy all the activities and life on the street.
The best advice to dress when it rains is: Do not overwrap yourself, because in these months it’s not very cold in Barcelona.

Starting with the feet, it’s best to use boots, closed shoes or sneakers (we are all so tempted to get our flip flops on when we see blue sky in the morning but, there’s always that possibility of these rainy days). However, these should not be made of fabric because the fabric will absorb all the water and you will be soaked, also avoid leather shoes.
For lower body clothing, long dresses and pants that touch the ground will not be your allies. Try to wear hems to your pants and even more if they are denim or corduroy, because these two wet fabrics end up weighing heavy.
Ankle pants and a mid-calf or knee skirt will be the best choice.

Your great allies will be raincoats and trenches. With them, you can go for a walk everywhere and at the same time, it will look dressed-up and protected. Nowadays, there are many sizes, the best depends on your personal style, but think of a long style that will cover you more than a short style.

And to finish the most important accessory. The umbrella, your great friend during the rainy months in Barcelona. We always recommend carrying a small one in your purse or backpack. Have it always on you so that the rain doesn’t surprise you.

And you, any wet weather fashion advise?