Barcelona in january

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Many expect a summer vacation to visit the city, but Barcelona is magical especially in January and more specifically for the little ones in the house.

In Barcelona, ​​as in thousands of other cities, it is traditional to celebrate the night of the Three Kings, but already the days before this night, there is magic in the air. On the eve of the Three Kings’s day (the night of January 5 to 6), the streets are filled with toys, activities for children, and especially joy, lights and candies.

In Catalonia, tradition has it that children write letters to the Three Kings explaining their year and asking them for the gifts they would like to have. And the Three Kings (like their friend Santa Claus who already did his job a few days earlier), on the night of January 5 to 6, roam all the houses, leaving gifts for the whole family but especially for the little ones.

On the days before this special night, there are plenty of places to admire toys, make last-minute purchases and enjoy all the magic of the Three Kings.
The previous afternoon, the arrival of the Three Kings is celebrated with a beautiful and colorful parade. In Barcelona, ​​they arrive by sea and it is traditional to welcome them surrounded by boats. A magical moment that some can see from the water.

Then, the parade goes up with the Three Kings and all their subjects, camels and helpers to pass around the city center, welcoming everyone. This moment is very special because many children are waiting for the parade to deliver their letter to the Three Kings with their requests for their gifts.

The most awaited night of the year arrives … All young and old alike go to bed early … Barcelona and all of Spain fall asleep while waiting for the magic to bear fruit during the night.
And as tradition dictates, the little ones in the house are the first to wake up and go see if the kings came at night and left gifts, sweets or chocolate. At this time, the whole family gathers and spends the day together, and goes from house to house to see if the Kings have left a gift for them in one of the houses of their loved ones.
There is no better way to start the year than with a little bit of magic.