Harry Potter in Barcelona

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Are you a lover of the Harry Potter saga? So, you should know that Barcelona has several places and activities to do in connection with this famous saga. We will start with the main Harry Potter store in Barcelona. This store is called Carreró de Muggles, which in Spanish carreró means lane.
This is one of the most iconic and amazing places where you can find many … many exclusive products from Harry Potter and its universe. It is so exclusive that it is the only specialty store in the whole country. This store is located in the Ciutat Vella district, very close to the center, more precisely in the Maldá galleries. For a long time, these galleries remained discreet, but a few years ago, they resurfaced and now businesses have specialized in role playing, the Harry Potter saga and magic.

Once you have bought everything you need, it is advisable to rest at Pudding Barcelona, ​​a cafeteria as in the film. Shelves full of books and magic spells, school flags and shields, as if you were in the same Hogwarts school.

And to end the day, what better way to experience an adventure in an escape room.
In Barcelona, ​​there are many escape rooms, among them, three rooms are dedicated to the J.K Rowling saga.

Each escape room offers you a different activity and they are distributed in different parts of the saga, so you can do all three and enjoy it like a child. Their names are: Platform 9 ¾, the Academy of Magic and the Prisoner of Albakan.

What are you waiting for to enter the world of Harry Potter?