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“An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”
Henry David Thoreau

Free Walking Tour in the Old Town Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

On our Free Barcelona Walking Tour in the Old Town Ciutat Vella, we will in a fun, entertaining and personal way introduce you to our amazing hometown Barcelona and the region of Catalonia. Using more than a decade of experience in hosting tours we have designed this free walking tour as an ultimate introduction to the city and the Barcelona way of life. It will set the tone for an unforgettable stay and help you make sure you get the most out of your time spent here.

Learn About the Vibrant Culture and Fascinating History of Barcelona and Catalonia

On this free walking tour, you will learn about the vibrant culture of Barcelona, some of its many stories and legends and the colourful characters behind our fascinating city and region. We will together explore the city’s more than 2000 years of history, its many architectural treasures, saints and knights, creatures, daring explorers, traders and artists who built our fascinating city. All while slowly walking the narrow medieval alleys, winding streets and charming squares in its historical centre, the Old Town Ciutat Vella.

Find out how to Best Enjoy what the City has to Offer Today

But being seasoned world travellers ourselves we know that the story of Barcelona and the history of Catalonia will not alone make your stay the memorable experience we want it to be. For that to happen, you also need to know how to best enjoy what the city has to offer today. Being enthusiasts of both good travel and good food we know very well about local food and drinks, here in Barcelona, a passion. When strolling around in the city with friends and family, we often end up having food and something to drink, sharing conversation. There are places to eat everywhere, but which ones are authentic and what should we order?

Barcelona is so much more than Sangria, Tapas and Paella

Joining any of our Barcelona tours and excursions will get you familiar with our culture’s approach to dining, the inside story and up to date local advice on our favourite tapas and paella places, bodegas, restaurants and bars to set you up for the culinary adventure Barcelona is and should be for you. We will also give you suggestions on what to do, how to skip lines, where to go, and where not to and much more. We will do our very best for you to have and enjoy a relaxed, laid-back and memorable experience that would be near impossible to have on your own.

What is a Free Walking Tour?

The Free Walking Tour concept is very simple; join the tour without paying a cent, let us show you the best of Barcelona with our unique informative and entertaining style, and you then decide at the end how much the tour was worth. You can not get a fairer system and on top, this ensures that you get the best tour possible – every time. We are a small passionate company that believes strongly in what we are doing, confident enough to let you decide the value of what we do.

Where is the Free Barcelona Walking Tour Meeting Point?

We meet at Plaça d’Antonio Lopez, 2 in front of the pedestal on the left side of the street Via Laietana if you are facing the water. Plaça d’Antonio López is located next to the seafront on the lower part of the Old Town Ciutat Vella, next to Via Laietana, the physical border between the Gothic Quarter Barri Gòtic and El Born. Plaça d’Antonio López is close to the following <M> Metro stations:

Our Barcelona Free Walking Tour is NOT a Scripted Tour

This Barcelona Free Walking Tour is not a scripted tour. All guides have many years of experience living in Barcelona and sharing our passion for our beloved city. Each tour is therefore unique and customized for that specific day taking into account things like the time of the year, the day of the week, the weather, the size of the group, the group background etc.

It’s About Getting to Know and Understand Barcelona (and Catalonia)

The tour is about you getting to know and understand Barcelona and the region of Catalonia. It will cover a lot but the tour is not about seeing as many highlights as possible, it is about insight. This is a collection of some of the highlights the tour might cover.

Some of the many possible highlights of the Barcelona Free Walking Tour

We are serious about responsible, sustainable and Eco-friendly tourism. Practically this, for example, means that we have small groups (~15), no loudspeakers and that we normally don’t go inside any buildings.

General P.O.I.s

Religious Buildings


Squares & Streets

  • Barri Xinès
  • Drassanes Reial
  • Estació Marítima de Passatgers
  • Antiga Duana del Port de Barcelona
  • Port Vell
  • Saló del Tinell
  • Mirador del Rei Martí
  • Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya
  • Comandància Naval
  • Edifici Colón (Torre Maritima)
  • Convent de Santa Mònica
  • Basílica de la Mercè
  • Basílica dels Sants Màrtirs Just i Pastor
  • Capella Reial de Santa Àgata
  • Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia
  • Capella de Santa Llúcia
  • Església de Sant Felip Neri
  • Església de Sant Sever
  • Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi
  • Palau Marc de Reus
  • Palau de la Seu del Govern Militar
  • Palau Moxó
  • Palau Requesens
  • Palau del Lloctinent
  • Cases dels Canonges
  • Casa de la Ciutat
  • Palau de la Generalitat
  • La Rambla de Santa Mònica
  • Plaça del Duc de Medinaceli
  • Carrer d’Avinyó
  • Plaça dels Traginers
  • Plaça del Rei
  • Plaça de Sant Iu
  • Plaça de Garriga i Bachs
  • Plaça de Sant Felip Neri
  • Plaça Sant Jaume
  • Plaça Reial
  • Plaça del Pi
  • Pla de l’Os

Roman Barcino



Jewish Heritage

  • Muralla Romana
  • Porta Praetoria
  • Via Sepulcral Romana
  • Monument a Colom
  • Font de San Just
  • Monument als Castellers
  • Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria
  • Mercat de Santa Caterina
  • El Call
  • Sinagoga Major
  • Placeta de Manuel Ribé

The tour will likely finish near the colourful La Boqueria Market on the famous La Rambla, where you can stop for lunch or be in the easiest place to orientate yourself to your next destination. Of course, don’t forget to ask for advice on where to pick up a tasty snack or a lovely glass of Cava.

Is this Free Walking Tour Open to Everyone?

Yes, it absolutely is. Good to know is that since we do not specifically work with bunkbed hostels nor do pick-ups at them our clientele, like ourselves, has a tendency to be a bit older than the backpacker crowd, around 30 more than around 20. This also means that we will not be offering you a great deal on a Bar Crawl or free entrance to a club during the tour (but might very well suggest you a great Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience instead).

What is the Free Walking Tour Duration?

Our Free Walking Tour is around 2½-3 hours long. Years of experience in both hosting and attending walking tours have taught us that this is the optimal length. After this most people start getting really tired. Think of it as attending a show.

How Difficult is the Walking part?

It is an easy and leisurely stroll, very wheelchair friendly to give you an idea. The highest point of the Old Town Ciutat Vella is 16.9 meter or 55 feet and we will most likely not go there.

How Large are Normally the Free Walking Tour Groups?

Small. The average size of our groups is ~10 people. We try not to have groups of more than 15 people. We do allow more people to book though since there, unfortunately, always are people that book and then don’t show up. It’s like booking a table at a restaurant and then not showing up, not very respectful in our opinion. If everyone actually shows up we will be 20, not counting children. Single group bookings of 6 or more will not be accepted.

Does your Free Walking Tour Run all Days of the Year?

Yes, in general, it does. Check out the tour availability in the Booking Calendar in the panel to the right for exact details. If you can book the Free Walking Tour then it will run. We run the Free Walking Tour regardless of weather, just make sure you dress accordingly.

What is Included in the Free Walking Tour and What Should We Bring?

You will get an enthusiastic, professional and experienced guide who lives and has lived in Barcelona for many years and is excited about sharing the passion for the city with you. After the tour, you will also get a Google Map emailed to you. This Google Map will highlight the places you have seen and show you where the places we talk about and recommend during the tour are located. Don’t forget to bring your camera! As mentioned above we run the Free Walking Tour regardless of weather, so make sure to dress accordingly. If the forecast says rain – bring an umbrella, if it says sun – bring sunscreen. If the weather could be better we will try to keep you out of the wind/rain and if it is sunny and hot we will do our best to keep you in the shade. It is always a good idea to bring some drinking water and possibly some snacks, especially during the warm summer months. Please only bring with you what you will be carrying on the tour, we have nowhere to store our guest’s belongings, we are a small office free company.

What Languages is the Barcelona Free Walking Tour Available in?

Our Free Walking Tour is currently only available in English. As such you need good proficiency in English to join and enjoy it. Translating the tour will simply not work and will on-top, as you can imagine, disturb all other tour participants. For other languages please request a quote for a Private Tour, we have a lot of languages between us.

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Our Free Barcelona Walking Tour is not a scripted tour. All us guides have many years of experience living in and sharing our passion for our beloved city. Each tour is unique and customized for that specific day. The tour will cover a lot but the tour is not about seeing as many things as possible, it’s about you getting to know and understand Barcelona.

We eat, live and breath Barcelona and Catalonia, we want you to experience life here as we locals do. Over the years we’ve collected many places we can recommend and some we know you’ll ask us about and we have put them on a map. Here is an A4 PREVIEW version of that map, the one you will receive after the tour is in A3-size and unmasked. We also have a live Goole Map.

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