What to wear for a day in the snow?

What to wear for a day in the snow?

What to wear for a day in the snow?

Are you thinking about getting a snow sneak? You have already seen the place, the prices, the tour, how to get there … but you need to know what to take. If it is your first time it is normal that you have many doubts of what to wear and what not.
As we have all been through this same moment, it is best to share our experiences, information and advice with you.

Going to the snow is always a moment of leisure, of fun, but you have to keep in mind that it will always be colder in the mountains than in the city. Whatever mountain you go skiing or spend the day, it will always be colder than in a city. That’s why you always have to keep in mind that you have to take …

– Warm jackets, sports jackets better, since most will have more impermeability than a normal city jacket. Remember that you are going to snow and wet snow.

-Practices or not skiing, at some point you will be in contact with the snow and step on it, so good footwear is very important. Waterproof shoes or gore tex will help you not to be cold or to get wet, but some sneakers, you can do well. Do not go with high heels, dancers or sandals.

-Thick socks. The cold begins with the feet, so pamper them and take care that they do not go cold. If you are going to ski the best thing will be a thick and tall sock, so you will avoid chafing with the ski boot.

-Snow / winter accessories. Gloves and caps. and sunglasses, are essential accessories. The hat covers the head the gloves the hands, and to be able to be snow gloves better than wool, the wool lets the cold and the humidity of the snow pass. And very important sunglasses. White snow bounces sunlight and burns a lot, your eyes must be protected from the sun, sunny or not, there will always be very strong and dangerous sunlight for your eyes. Sometimes people suffer more from eye pain from exposure to light in the snow than to cold.

-Sun creams. As we have just said, the sun is much stronger than it seems. Many believe that as it is cold or the sun is almost not visible by the clouds it does not burn, but they are wrong, the sun in the snow burns a lot.

-If you are going to practice skiing, be sure to go well equipped, if you do not have ski pants, ski gloves, or jacket, you can usually rent it in ski equipment stores. You can also ask family or friends if they lend you. It is always good to be well equipped to enjoy the day well.

-Snacks. If you go skiing it is best to take a snack to kill hunger, something that gives you extra energy and fills your body with heat.

Once you have shared these tips to go to the snow, it is best to enjoy the mountain of nature and respect all the facilities, since they are still part of the mountain and you have to respect it and protect it from plastics and garbage that many times We forget or throw away.
It will only be your turn to enjoy your escape to the snow, but always with caution.

Let’s stop throwing food away!

Let’s stop throwing food away!

Let’s stop throwing food away!

Let’s start the year off right, but we have to finish it well first, and for that we want to share this blog.

Our dear Barcelona is always up to date and this time in favor of the war against food waste. We see ourselves as a company with values, which also includes food and waste.

Whether you are passing through or from the European Union, you can access this movement and join it. With more than 12 million people, this movement continues to grow and we do not miss to be part of it. We must support all movements, actions, everything that has an impact on the improvement of the planet and the balance of the resources.

For this reason, we want to share with you the movement #Lacomidanosetira, the European movement against food waste, and in Spain only, more than 7.7 million tons of food are thrown away each year, about 77 football stadiums filled with food . All this in the trash, and it can not continue like this .. We all have the responsibility to improve our habits.
With the need to do something, the movement too good to go.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or just a consumer, you can access this movement and contribute to the fight against food waste.
We have already joined this movement and we want to inform all those who believe that small changes help to improve our planet and balance it. In Barcelona, ​​many institutions already use this application and thanks to these, you can contribute to these movements being born. If you want to know more about this one in particular, we leave you this video in which they explain how this new way to stop wasting and throwing food really works.

The most typical souvenirs of Barcelona

The most typical souvenirs of Barcelona

The most typical souvenirs of Barcelona


Whoever has never bought a souvenir, raise his hand, whether you bought it for yourself, for a family member or a friend. This seems like an unwritten rule, when we go traveling, we buy gifts for everyone. Sometimes you have to keep some space in your suitcase to bring back what your friends have subtly asked for and that you have to buy before you go back home.
There are a lot of types of souvenirs and it seems like the further you go, the more you have to bring back.
In Barcelona, ​​there are typical shops full of souvenirs and colorful sculptures that catch the eye of all lovers and non-lovers of this type of shopping. A souvenir to bring back from his trip.

The most popular souvenirs in Barcelona are:
From Gaudí-inspired classic magnets for refrigerators, the cathedral or the Sagrada Familia magnets, to Iberian ham packaged under vacuum.
Let’s not forget the famous modernist ceramics, Gaudí’s sculptures, mainly the Güell Park salamander or the typical bull, more emblematic of Spanish culture than of the Catalan region. In Barcelona, for example, the bullfights were suppressed years ago.

In several stores you can also find the famous and particular “porrón”. A sort of glass pitcher used for drinking wine. Very traditional in Catalonia, especially in the villages.
In recent years, typical Catalan shoes, Catalan ‘’espardeñes’’, have become very popular around the world, including for big fashion icons, influencers, and so on. A comfortable shoe, very versatile.

In terms of souvenirs, it can be very difficult to know what to buy, because you have to know the taste of your friends and family to make sure it won’t end up as dust catch on a shelf.

That’s why before buying, we always recommend to enjoy Barcelona, ​​to soak up all its knowledge, its gastronomy and its history. Instead of buying material items, learn about its stories and feel the city. And if you really need to buy something, here are some examples of the most typical souvenirs of Barcelona.

The best Spanish series on Netflix

The best Spanish series on Netflix

The best Spanish series on Netflix

The long-awaited Christmas holidays arrive, and with them the cold afternoons and nights that many enjoy to relax under a thick blanket and well sunk in the couch, looking out the window, imagining the cold that reigns outside. It’s good to be warm at home!

Whether you are one of those who make your sofa your best friend, or those who need to take a break between your holidays and visit new places like Barcelona, ​​we have the best list of Spanish culture represented in the Spanish series that you can see on Netflix.
Visiting a country is not only walking in its cities or visiting the most prominent museums, it’s learning its cuisine, culture, art, or even live new experiences and, in this case, live adventures alongside the best series of the country.

La casa de papel: This serie represents an armed robbery committed at the national money and stamp factory. During the robbery, they will try to change the vision of their actions so that they go unpunished. Five months of preparation will be reduced to eleven days of action.

Las chicas del cable: It tells the life of four women who work in a telecommunications company in Madrid. It takes place in 1928. All its aesthetics is very well worked.

Merli: Represents the daily adventures of an institute where one of the teachers is a bit weird. This Catalan series was broadcast on Netflix and crossed the ocean to become famous in Latin America. Each chapter has a peculiarity, it highlights each time a different classical philosopher.

Velvet: A series that tells the adventures of a couple to live their love. Taking place in the fashion world, they pass through the galleries located on Gran Vía Street.

Tiempos de guerra: The series takes place in 1921. Queen Victoria Eugenia orders the Red Cross to visit the conflict zone in Africa. There will be a thousand stories in the same line of conflict.