The best places to listen to live music

The best places to listen to live music

Over the years, we all tend to change our preferences, whether for our entertainment, to enjoy our free time and, in this case, when we want to party, have a drink, meet friends or our partner to listen to music in live.

You do not have to be a music expert to enjoy live music. At a certain age, crowded places where you have to queue to order at the bar or breathe the smell of sweat are not as appreciated as when you were a teenager. There are many more options for going out and enjoying a good night’s out.
For these occasions, it is best to go to a concert hall. Barcelona has many places, here are some of them.

London Bar
Located in the city center, in the Raval district (C / Nou de la Rambla 34), next to the Rambla, it is perhaps one of the most famous for its location. You can experience there a night of good live music.

If you are in the area of the Gracia district (C / Ramón y Cajal, 80), we recommend you to visit this place where not only the music, but the atmosphere will make you enjoy an exceptional night.

If what you love is flamenco music and live rumba, this place will meet your expectations. Very close by is another mythical place of the nights of Barcelona. At the Jamboree, you can dance on the sound of jazz.

Harlem Jazz Club
Another place of Jazz but this time in the Gothic Quarter (C / Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8). This place seems to be always open and with good music at all times. You can find strangers, tourists, locals and casual visitors who have been lost and found the place by chance, still in good harmony and enjoying the atmosphere.

These 4 concert halls are some of the most famous and well-known in the city, but that does not exclude the small rooms where you will find a better atmosphere and good music to enjoy the night with your family.

Bar Alfa: Barrio de Gracia
Face B: Barrio de Gracia
Nou Racó 169: the left of enlargement
Margarita Blue: Ciutat Vella

Now, enjoy the night in Barcelona and go listen to some good music

Where to eat the best croquettes in Barcelona?

Where to eat the best croquettes in Barcelona?

Who has never wondered where to eat the best croquettes in Barcelona …
There are dishes and tapas that seem to feature on all Barcelona restaurant menus, but it is true that many restaurants offering 1 euro croquettes will serve you frozen croquettes.

As you stroll through the center of Barcelona, ​​you can find several options for eating tapas. Everyone knows that in the Gothic Quarter, the catering offer is wide. But we also know that where there is tourism, prices are high and quality is generally low. If you are not from the city and you are not used to eating good croquettes or a good ‘tortilla’, you may not see the difference between a good and a very good ” tortilla ” .
In our team of guides, there are many different nationalities and one of them is Spanish. Some of us are from Barcelona and we know what we are talking about when it comes to typical dishes or quality and well prepared tapas.
In this case, we want to present our last discovery. Delirio Restaurante Barcelona.

This restaurant is in the Gothic Quarter. Very close to Plaza Sant Jaume, a place of passage for tourists and locals.
The food is very good, the tapas are of good quality and the atmosphere is very diversified and is ideal to sit down for a drink with friends and have a snack or even dine there.
You can not miss their croquettes with their secret ingredient that differentiates them … We do not know if they are in the top 3 of the best croquettes in the city, but they are Number 1 in terms of flavor and originality.

If you are in the area, we recommend that you stop at Delirio and try their dishes, whether you are from here or visiting the city. You can discover their menu on the Facebook page.
@deliriorestaurantebarcelona or on Instagram account @delirio_restaurante_barcelona

What’s the biggest ship in the world?

What’s the biggest ship in the world?

This blog is for all Guinness world record lovers, who love knowing the “geeky” little details of things …

In this case I want to introduce you to the biggest ships in the world. The largest ship in the world is the cargo ship Maersk Mckinney Moller. A boat animation, with a size of 400 meters in length and 59 meters in length, and can carry 18,270 containers. For sure this means that you will most likely get lost in it right?


Returning to the largest ships in the world we find the largest cruise ship in the world, the famous Symphony of the Seas, from the Royal Caribbean International company. All of it, it seems unreal, starting with its size, with about 362 meters in length (to give you an idea the Empire State measures 381) and 65 meters wide.

As if that were not enough it has 18 decks, ideal if you don’t want to be too close to your neighbor … and a capacity for 6,780 passengers, more than several villages in Spain put together. Among some of its eccentricities that this cruise has we find a restaurant-bar where you will be served by robots instead of waiters. But if this is not to your taste you can choose between 24 different restaurants. That is almost a month without repeating food. For all this to work we can’t forget the perfect and meticulous team of workers (and not forgetting the robots), a total of 2,200 people.

But if all this is just a little too ‘large’ and what you are looking for is a more intimate place, a place where you can be more in touch with the Mediterranean and where you can even steer a boat, I present our very own “Manhe 1”, a sailboat of 10.7 meters that It will make your dreams a reality.

It leaves Barcelona every day, and his captain, along with lots of refreshing await you to sail the seas and enjoy incredible views of the city, while enjoying a perfect swim in the Mediterranean for when the sun sets. A sailboat departure from the city’s Olympic port, and all at a single click.

Best Spanish music

Best Spanish music

To travel to another country is not only to be physically there, it is also to learn their customs, to be interested in their way of life, their food, their educational system, their culture, their art and their music. Music has always been part of every culture in every country and every region of the world, and this is the same here in Spain.

Unfortunately, it seems that the marketing that has been done in Spain at the musical level has only concentrated on flamenco or sevillanas. But despite this type of dance, there are many more music and bands, talented artists and dancers that are world renown, so now I’m going to put you in a position so you know a little more about Spanish music of today and the past.

We will start with Julio Iglesias, Joaquín Sabina, Joan Manuel Serrat, Ana Belén, Amaral, Manolo Escobar Macaco, Iván Ferreiro, Estopa, Niña Pastori …

There are also young Spanish rock and pop bands: Morgan, Kitai, Veintiuno, Nunatak, Vinagres, Vetusta Morla, Rosalen, Sidonie, Kitai, Leiva, Pablo Alborán, Amaia, Ana Guerrero …

I will quote some of the most famous songs of the recent period in Spain.

Jarabe de palo: La flaca
Entre dos tierras: Héroes del Silencio
Hijo de la Luna: Mecano
Ave María: David Bisbal
Un beso y una flor: Nino Bravo
Como hemos cambiado: Presuntos Implicados
Devuélveme a mi chica: Hombres G
Esos locos bajitos: Joan Manuel Serrat
Entre mis recuerdos: Luz Casal
Como yo te amo: Raphael
Soy un Truhan: Julio Iglesias

But if you want to be up to date with one of the artists with the biggest international projection of the last two years, you can not miss Rosalía. In 2018, Rosalia became the Spanish singer that received more Latin Grammy awards for a single work. The song “Malamente” was the big revelation of the year. It catapulted her to an infinite number of awards, hits and fans who now follow her and listen to her day after day.
Her last appearance in Barcelona took place during the Primavera Sound festival, where the audience went crazy.



They can not tell you anymore that you do not know Spanish music.

What are the best suitcases to travel with?

What are the best suitcases to travel with?

Wanting a vacation? When good weather arrives, the expected holidays and the desire to travel arrives with it.

For many, traveling represents a small prior stress. How to organize, how to plan the trip, flights, accommodation, the money planned to spend, the fearsome gifts and souvenirs that all friends ask you for etc …

What could also be included on the list of nagging thoughts is how many things to take with you and consequently which suitcase to use for those things.

We start with the selection of the best suitcases to travel:

Samsonite S’Cure. It is a robust and resistant suitcase. It has 4 wheels and a capacity of 34 liters – 2.90Kg. Material: 100% polypropylene

American Tourister Soundbox Spinner. Very resistant and with great interior space. It has 4 wheels and its zipper closure. Its capacity is 35.5 liters expandable to 41 liters thanks to the expandable zipper – 2.6Kg. Material: 100% polypropylene

Aerolite ABS. This suitcase is made of plastic, unlike the previous two, which are made of polypropylene. With zipper and 4 wheels. Its capacity is 35 liters – 2.70Kg. It does not have a numeric security code. This suitcase is characterized by being soft, and has been super sales on Amazon.

American Tourister Funshine Spinner. Soft suitcase made of polyester material, resistant. It has 4 wheels and its zipper closure. Its capacity is 36 liters – 2.50Kg.

All these suitcases can be purchased online and you can choose between several colors.

Our advice is to choose the type of suitcase that best suits your priorities when traveling. For example:

If you are looking for a sturdy and rigid suitcase we recommend American Tourister Bon Air Spinner. Ideal for hand luggage

If you are looking for a suitcase with a large number of sales and many opinions thanks to its price quality, the rigid AmazonBasics suitcase will be your choice.

If you are looking for a soft suitcase, but with a TSA safety lock, we recommend the Samsonite Base Hits Upright.

If you are looking for a very cheap suitcase with a price not exceeding € 12 and very light, ideal for low-cost travel, the Benzi low cost cabin suitcase will be the perfect one for you.

And finally, as a curiosity, if you are looking for a convertible backpack, we recommend the Samsonite Paradiver.

Now you just need to choose the suitcase well and that it is compatible with the regulations of your flight company, since they vary enough between them and you could play a trick if you do not read the rules of luggage of each company.
Once all the controls are done and your suitcase is made, only you expect to enjoy every second of your vacation.

The best summer festivals of Barcelona

The best summer festivals of Barcelona

It has been a few weeks since the summer started, and it’s the time of the year when Barcelona is full of life, people, joy but above all it is full of concerts and festivals! There is always something to do in this city, no matter what you like or how old you are.
Barcelona is known worldwide for many things and especially for its music fests and concerts. The Catalan capital usually hold its fests from June to August, here are some upcoming events you can attend and should not miss!

FESTIVAL JARDINS DE PEDRABLES : in one of the most emblematic and beautiful gardens of the city, you can see and listen to many national and international artists : Carla Burni, Ana Belén, Diego el Cigala,…. Dates : from 5th June to 15th July. Where : Avinguda Diagonal, 686

FESTIVAL VIDA : this festival is not in Barcelona but it is pretty close and easy to reach. This fest is held in a rural Masia. If you go there, you’ll have the chance to see Beirut, HotChip, José González, Madness among others. Dates: 4-6 July Where: Masia d’en Cabanyes, Vilanova i la Geltrú

CRUÏLLA FESTIVAL: this festival has become one of the most important in the Catalan capital. Many national and international artists perform there : Black Eyed Peas, Kylie Minogue, Jorge Drexler, Dorian … Dates: 3-6 July | Where: Parc Del Fórum, Barcelona.

CAP ROIG FESTIVAL: this festival is the most summery of all, especially because of its location in Calella de Palafrugell. Artists from all over the world go there : Liam Gallagher, Ben Harper, Rozalén, Vanesa Martín, Pastora Soler, Sting, Maluma or Luis Fonsi … etc Dates: from July 12 to August 13 | Where: Calella de Palafrugell |

BBF – Barcelona Beach Festival: this is the electronic music festival of the city, where you will find the best DJ’s such as Alesso, Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, Dj Snake. Dancing is assured. Date: July 13 | Where: Platja del Fòrum and Parc de la Pau, Barcelona.

TOMORROWLAND : this Belgian electronic music fest has crossed the borders and will take place in Barcelona this summer! Date: July 28 | Where: Can Zam Park

DGTL Festival: this festival originally from the Netherlands will also take place in the Catalan capital. You can enjoy electronic music in its purest state combined with an amazing atmosphere! Dates: August 10 and 11 | Where: Parc del Fórum

If you want to enjoy your summer and go to music fests, Barcelona is definitely the place to be. Now you know the list of the best summer fests, you just have to choose which one you want to go!