How I can help my community during coronavirus

How I can help my community during coronavirus

How I can help my community during coronavirus

Difficult times have come for everyone, the world is still alive but we have had to adapt to events in ways we could never have imagined.. Most of us are the lucky ones who live and observe all this from our windows, waiting for better times to come back. 

The one certainty is that we, all over the world, are all in this together. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all those more severely affected by this.

Support local businesses 

Perhaps you are one of those who are at home reflecting, thinking about how to help others, first of all, the easiest way is to stay home, follow your local social distancing guidelines and have a positive mind to face everything that comes our way. But within being at home, there are also many ways to contribute to society. If you are one of those who have always been interested in collaborating with an NGO you can also sign up now.

With so much time to reconsider, to reflect, to think about others and to develop empathy, what better than putting it into practice.

We can all make a positive difference.

Contribute to local social help groups

You can search for information about help groups in your neighborhood, in your locality, on the websites of your region and / or country. Contribute to health and food delivery groups. 

Here in Barcelona we have the Comer Contigo initiative (where many companies have joined to give food to those in need, you can contact them through their email), health contributions, animal health, teach online classes, help digitally to whoever needs it or just chat online with other people who are alone. We will never know how rewarding it is to help others, until we try it, and this will also help ourselves in putting our situation into perspective.

And not forgetting the not-for-profits (NGOs)

All this without forgetting the NGOs (non-governmental organization) that continue to teach and help. Because sometimes it is not necessary to go to a poorer country to volunteer, there are times when your help is welcome without almost having to move from the neighborhood or even your own living room. 

In Barcelona there are many NGO’s with all kinds of different purposes. You will surely find the one that best suits you and your skills. 

In each of these Barcelona NGOs, you can help a certain sector of society, or contribute to improving the quality of life of other people, or share your time with people who will thank you for life. There are also animal NGOs, projects with other countries … and I repeat, you choose the place where you will best fit in to help others.

With this link you will find all the NGOs in Barcelona and Spain. Forget about purposes that will never be fulfilled and start little by little, step by step.

I also want to remind you that if you wish you can work in these NGOs or contributing companies. For that you can also access the job search websites. They are always looking for part or full work workers. It can be a good start if you want to enter this type of platform, NGO, association, company, project … etc.

Reach out to family and friends

Last but not least, reconnected with our families and friends has never been more important. Most of us at Excursions Barcelona are expats from numerous different countries and we have taken to digital communications in the form of zoom or whats app video etc. to chat with our loved ones back home. Loneliness and feeling lost and confused is tough for everyone, whether it’s for emotional support of just a chat, we now have the time to reach out, for others and ourselves. 

Closer to home we are playing daily games and trivia with each other, all online of course using whatever virtual tools we have at our disposal. 

Open your mind and share your time, it will always be productive if you compare it with the lost hours that we are used to living without knowing what to do with our time or our life.

Babysitter in Barcelona

Babysitter in Barcelona

Babysitter in Barcelona

Many are those who travel with children, but that does not mean that they do not want a little time just for two, to allow themselves a few hours just together, leaving their children in good hands.
In Barcelona, ​​there are several options for traveling with children while having some time for the couple. There are also many romantic options to do as a couple when visiting the city and surrounding areas of the Catalan capital.

Even looking for a babysitter is surprising and practical today. In this case, faced with the need to find a babysitter in Barcelona, ​​applications and companies that offer this service have appeared in a much more visual and close manner.
Now, thanks to your mobile, you can choose and see the references of the babysitters.

For example, this application allows you to create a profile as a parent, to choose your preferences, your language, your hobbies, your price and at any time you can vary your filters to find the babysitter who best suits your needs. Click here to find out more.

Another way to find a babysitter in Barcelona is to go through an agency. An agency that will allow you to make a brief preliminary interview and / or help you select the nanny best suited to your needs. In this case, this agency in Barcelona, ​​already has several babysitters selected with references and who will have passed a personality test with the agency.
Depending on your needs and interests, you can find the best babysitter for your children and thus allow you to discover the city as a couple or simply spend time alone.

What to wear for a day in the snow?

What to wear for a day in the snow?

What to wear for a day in the snow?

Are you thinking about getting a snow sneak? You have already seen the place, the prices, the tour, how to get there … but you need to know what to take. If it is your first time it is normal that you have many doubts of what to wear and what not.
As we have all been through this same moment, it is best to share our experiences, information and advice with you.

Going to the snow is always a moment of leisure, of fun, but you have to keep in mind that it will always be colder in the mountains than in the city. Whatever mountain you go skiing or spend the day, it will always be colder than in a city. That’s why you always have to keep in mind that you have to take …

– Warm jackets, sports jackets better, since most will have more impermeability than a normal city jacket. Remember that you are going to snow and wet snow.

-Practices or not skiing, at some point you will be in contact with the snow and step on it, so good footwear is very important. Waterproof shoes or gore tex will help you not to be cold or to get wet, but some sneakers, you can do well. Do not go with high heels, dancers or sandals.

-Thick socks. The cold begins with the feet, so pamper them and take care that they do not go cold. If you are going to ski the best thing will be a thick and tall sock, so you will avoid chafing with the ski boot.

-Snow / winter accessories. Gloves and caps. and sunglasses, are essential accessories. The hat covers the head the gloves the hands, and to be able to be snow gloves better than wool, the wool lets the cold and the humidity of the snow pass. And very important sunglasses. White snow bounces sunlight and burns a lot, your eyes must be protected from the sun, sunny or not, there will always be very strong and dangerous sunlight for your eyes. Sometimes people suffer more from eye pain from exposure to light in the snow than to cold.

-Sun creams. As we have just said, the sun is much stronger than it seems. Many believe that as it is cold or the sun is almost not visible by the clouds it does not burn, but they are wrong, the sun in the snow burns a lot.

-If you are going to practice skiing, be sure to go well equipped, if you do not have ski pants, ski gloves, or jacket, you can usually rent it in ski equipment stores. You can also ask family or friends if they lend you. It is always good to be well equipped to enjoy the day well.

-Snacks. If you go skiing it is best to take a snack to kill hunger, something that gives you extra energy and fills your body with heat.

Once you have shared these tips to go to the snow, it is best to enjoy the mountain of nature and respect all the facilities, since they are still part of the mountain and you have to respect it and protect it from plastics and garbage that many times We forget or throw away.
It will only be your turn to enjoy your escape to the snow, but always with caution.

Clothes to travel in winter to Barcelona

Clothes to travel in winter to Barcelona

Clothes to travel in winter to Barcelona

Are you thinking of traveling in winter? Do your holidays coincide with the winter in Europe? Do not despair about the size of your suitcase, now we are going to give you some tips about the weather and the ideal clothes to travel in winter to Barcelona.

We will begin by remarking that Barcelona is in southern Europe and the weather will always be much milder than in the rest of the continent. Also Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate, that means warmer temperatures, but the humidity in Barcelona is noticeable, in summer, spring, autumn and winter.
Of course, it can rain, but snowing is unlikely to happen in Barcelona, ​​we will not say impossible because more than once it has happened but it is a phenomenon that you will not normally be able to see in the city. January, February, March and a little bit in April, rains are less frequent then in April and May when it can rain almost every day, even just a little but still, it can rain everyday.
The usual weather during the winter months will be clear days, with sun but with that cold sea breeze that can be quite annoying if you are not properly dressed.

Back to Winter ,the best clothes to travel will always be warm clothes. Coats, scarves, gloves and thick socks. Wool and knit sweaters, long shirts, we recommend to choose pants are not excessively long because if they touch the ground they will be soaked if it rains and better to avoid jeans, since that fabric absorbs the cold a lot and also if It rains, it takes a long time to dry.
We recommend one hundred percent to wear good footwear, which is warm, and is thick for those cold cold days and if you have the option of waterproof shoes, bring them along.

It is different to be traveling in the city that to live in, activities as visiting museums, parks, churches, streets will take long hours no matter the weather, but when you live in the city, you have more time to choose what a day to go
That is why we always recommend these tips.
Comfortable and thick footwear (preferable waterproof)
Warm clothing. (jackets, coats, down jackets etc)
Winter accessories (caps, scarves etc)
Underwear (thick or wool socks, cold starts at the extremities)
Wool or thick knit sweaters.

With this you can visit the city without any problem and enjoy everything that the Catalan capital can offer you.

What is your advice for traveling in winter?

Festivities in February

Festivities in February

Festivities in February

Barcelona organizes activities every month of the year. It is not only in summer that you can enjoy outdoor activities.

Precisely during the month of February, there are several festivals. Not only the famous carnival which takes place between February 21 and 25, but there are also the festivities of the saint patron of the city of Barcelona which are also celebrated: Santa Eulàlia.

These festivities are the second most important ones in the city after La Mercé, which is celebrated during the summer. These are the quintessential winter festivals.
Thousands of activities, music and workshops to enjoy and for all ages. During this vacation, you can see the famous Castellers, human towers, who fight gravity and form beautiful people towers.

Normally, this activity is celebrated in Plaça Sant Jaume, in the heart of the Gothic quarter. Also in the center of the city you can see a very traditional spectacle such as Correfoc. Fireworks, timpani, music and lots of entertainment will take place in the streets of the city center.

In addition to these activities, another event takes place in the streets, premises and alleys of the Gothic quarter. It is the Festival de la llum (Festival of Light). Although over the years it has largely moved to the Poble Nou district, you can also enjoy these facilities in some buildings and premises of the Gothic quarter

And if there is a popular saying about the city, is that Barcelona never sleeps, and this is a clear example of this, every month of the year is good for learning, creating, cultivating and sharing. February is also the month of love and friendship if you are looking for activities and things to do in couple we recommend you to visit Slow Spa with great  experiences for couple in Barcelona.
Are you coming?

Harry Potter in Barcelona

Harry Potter in Barcelona

Harry Potter in Barcelona

Are you a lover of the Harry Potter saga? So, you should know that Barcelona has several places and activities to do in connection with this famous saga. We will start with the main Harry Potter store in Barcelona. This store is called Carreró de Muggles, which in Spanish carreró means lane.
This is one of the most iconic and amazing places where you can find many … many exclusive products from Harry Potter and its universe. It is so exclusive that it is the only specialty store in the whole country. This store is located in the Ciutat Vella district, very close to the center, more precisely in the Maldá galleries. For a long time, these galleries remained discreet, but a few years ago, they resurfaced and now businesses have specialized in role playing, the Harry Potter saga and magic.

Once you have bought everything you need, it is advisable to rest at Pudding Barcelona, ​​a cafeteria as in the film. Shelves full of books and magic spells, school flags and shields, as if you were in the same Hogwarts school.

And to end the day, what better way to experience an adventure in an escape room.
In Barcelona, ​​there are many escape rooms, among them, three rooms are dedicated to the J.K Rowling saga.

Each escape room offers you a different activity and they are distributed in different parts of the saga, so you can do all three and enjoy it like a child. Their names are: Platform 9 ¾, the Academy of Magic and the Prisoner of Albakan.

What are you waiting for to enter the world of Harry Potter?