Let’s stop throwing food away!

Let’s stop throwing food away!

Let’s stop throwing food away!

Let’s start the year off right, but we have to finish it well first, and for that we want to share this blog.

Our dear Barcelona is always up to date and this time in favor of the war against food waste. We see ourselves as a company with values, which also includes food and waste.

Whether you are passing through or from the European Union, you can access this movement and join it. With more than 12 million people, this movement continues to grow and we do not miss to be part of it. We must support all movements, actions, everything that has an impact on the improvement of the planet and the balance of the resources.

For this reason, we want to share with you the movement #Lacomidanosetira, the European movement against food waste, and in Spain only, more than 7.7 million tons of food are thrown away each year, about 77 football stadiums filled with food . All this in the trash, and it can not continue like this .. We all have the responsibility to improve our habits.
With the need to do something, the movement too good to go.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or just a consumer, you can access this movement and contribute to the fight against food waste.
We have already joined this movement and we want to inform all those who believe that small changes help to improve our planet and balance it. In Barcelona, ​​many institutions already use this application and thanks to these, you can contribute to these movements being born. If you want to know more about this one in particular, we leave you this video in which they explain how this new way to stop wasting and throwing food really works.

Where to buy organic products in Barcelona?

Where to buy organic products in Barcelona?

Where to buy organic products in Barcelona?

If anything characterizes the city of Barcelona, ​​it is on top of the latest trends and by that, I mean at the gastronomic level. A city, up-to-date on all the latest developments in health and healthy food.
They appear as mushrooms in the fall, dozens of new restaurants (https://www.excursionsbarcelona.com/?s=vegetarian) that focus on healthy cuisines and organic products in Barcelona.
Healthy food has a price but health is priceless. The opportunity to choose organic products, without pesticides or chemicals, will give you a much better quality of life.

OBBIO: Located on Muntaner Street, you can not only buy organic products, but also attend workshops and classes, buy and get to know the world of natural cosmetics and, most importantly, a list of delicious dishes to take home. .obbiofood.com

I LOVE FOOD: This company not only has a shop in Barcelona, ​​but it also thought for people who can not get to the city for lack of time or proximity. You can order baskets of organic products and receive them at home. Of course, if you go through the store, you will find a group of professional nutritionists who will advise you on everything you need. www.ilovefood.es

TRIBU WOKI: As the protagonists of this idea say, this business is not just a group of supermarkets or restaurants, it’s a way of living. They want to help you live better and healthier and work hard to make it happen. In its stores you can find the famous organic market, which are scattered around the city of Barcelona. www.tribuwoki.com

VERITAS: We could say that it is the best known of all the supermarkets of organic products of the city. They have several stores, but you can also buy online. If you can not find a specific product, you can certainly find it there. www.veritas.es

VIDA MEVA: With their slogan, everything is said. “Authentic ecological food grows in the sun and with the rhythm of the earth and not the one of man”. They have a physical store and a website and you can reserve your basket of ecological products nearby. vidameva.com

Now you have no excuse to eat rich and healthy. With these stores that promote the consumption of organic and local products www.excursionsbarcelona.com/catalan-restaurants, healthy food is within your reach.

Do you like this type of supermarkets?

The best brunches in Barcelona

The best brunches in Barcelona

The best brunches in Barcelona

food-salad-restaurant-person @pexels

Although this city is not characterized by having the tradition of brunch, you can be sure that you can enjoy some delicious and tasty dishes in the Catalan capital.

Sometimes you go on a trip and learn things that are not typical of the region, for example:
It’s as if you went to Italy and discovered a typical German restaurant and since then you will love a good plate of Gaisburger Marsch, or Kartoffelsuppe or a delicious Apfelstrudel. Well the same can happen in Barcelona.

Barcelona offers an immense range of gastronomic possibilities, among them, places where you can taste some incredible dishes in many restaurants that offer brunch. What better way to start the day eating well, enjoying your holidays and charging the batteries to later enjoy with us one of our Bike Tours in Barcelona

Although in Catalonia it is tradition to eat the famous bread with tomato, with salt and oil and served with its typical regional cold meat, I am sure it is still possible to enjoy a good brunch another day of your stay in the city of Barcelona.

Here is a list of what are probably the best brunches in Barcelona:

tropicobcn @floracoquerel

Trópico: Carrer del Marquès de Barberà, 24 – in the Raval area (reservations are preferable). Its average price is 15 €. International atmosphere, open from Monday to Sunday until 7 pm. On the menu they have, among other dishes: Eggs Benedict, Arepas with scrambled eggs, Moqueca bahiana … www.tropicobcn.com

candende @Candende

Can Dende: Carrer Ciutat de Granada 44 – in the area of ​​Poble Nou. In this place, they do not accept reservations and are quite close to the beach, so get packed of people easily. We recommend going early. Hours: Mon – Fri 8. 30am-5pm | Sat – Sun 10am – 5pm | Wednesday closed.www.candende.com

Ugot: Carrer Viladomat 138 – in the Eixample area. They open every day from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. except Tuesdays. If you are a lover of homemade cakes, this is your place. Its atmosphere is vintage style, and offers a brunch in the purest Mediterranean style. Ugot Facebook Page

The Juice House: Carrer Parlament 12 – zona Sant Antoni. Although it seems that they only sell juices over time they have adapted to various disciplines. They offer food for vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free or lactose-free, and they also opt for local products. The average price is 15€ and opens all day. thejuicehouse.es

Chronologie @Yvonne Duffield

TimeLine: Carrer Providència 3 – in the area of ​​Gracia. Average price is 15 €. On the menu you can find American-style food, vegetarian as well as nachos, sandwiches, salads, patatas bravas, cookies and cupcakes. An infinity of dishes that are really worth it. It is also like going back to the past since its setting is retro, vintage style.

So look no further because one of these places is your next destination to savor the best brunch in Barcelona.

Do you know any other place where they serve a delicious brunch in Barcelona?