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Barcelona dresses as a bride

Once again, Barcelona is celebrating the highly anticipated Barcelona Bridal Week, a week in which nuptial fashion is invading the entire city and becoming its capital. This world-famous fair joins Salón internación de Novia de España and…

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Alimentaria 2018, the show you can not miss.

Alimentaria is worth knowing. This fair is a leader in the food and beverage industry. Year after year, the number of visitors increases with the quality of the products exposed. Professionals and onlookers have a date to remember in 2018….

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4 essential Bodegas in Barcelona

You’ve already decided to travel to Barcelona, ​​now you only need to do is some sightseeing and enrich yourself with what the city has to offer. Barcelona is much more than what you can see at first sight and many people don’t…

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The alternative to dog kennels

Every day in Spain there is a little more awareness towards our beloved pets. In this case, I will introduce you to a platform and its application to make a dog owner life a little easier. This platform is used to connect professionals and…

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Port Aventura opens its doors

This week the impressive amusement park located in the Tarragona area opens its doors for the season. This amusement park is also a theme park, where you’ll find all the fun and adrenaline you are willing to experience. It…

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Do you want to be part of a painting?

Most people who visit or live in Barcelona, ​​know most of the known and popular art museums in the city. The most knowledgeable on the subject can even tell you the name of the paintings, the artists and where they…

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Small businesses want to stay up-to-date

In all cities and countries around the world, the same thing happens. Over the years, large stores, large brands, large companies with cheaper prices (thanks to their huge levels of production) eat the roles of small businesses that cannot…

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Second hand markets in Barcelona

Hello lovers of second-hand stuff. This article is dedicated to you. Those who gives a second or who knows, a third life to an object or a piece of clothing, who see beyond and seeks the story behind each object. If you are one of those who…

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Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona

Are you a fan of new technologies and more specifically of everything related to mobile? Here is an event that you must write down in your agenda, essential in your trip if you come to Barcelona during the month of February. More…

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Hotels Pet Friendly in Barcelona

Going on a trip with your pets is now possible. Since a relatively short time, the concept “Pet-Friendly” or also commonly known as “Dog-Friendly”, is conquering the entire world. This expression means that in the establishment, hotel or…

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