Tips and experiences, all about Barcelona

The best route to run in Barcelona

  Are you a lover of the race? You cannot live without a good run?If so, I recommend you continue reading this, it will interest you a lot ... We all know that in Barcelona, ​​there are several routes to go, several quieter places where there is more space and less...

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What to do at Christmas in Barcelona?

  The month of December has already arrived and with it the pleasures of Christmas, celebration, reunion both with family and friends that you have not seen for months. We already feel the spirit of Christmas in the streets, the desire to get together, to do...

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Where to buy organic products in Barcelona?

  If anything characterizes the city of Barcelona, ​​it is on top of the latest trends and by that, I mean at the gastronomic level. A city, up-to-date on all the latest developments in health and healthy food. They appear as mushrooms in the fall, dozens of new...

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The Cheese Road

  Welcome cheese lovers. In this blog, you will find the essential details to savor these delights called cheese. As you know, Barcelona is not known for being a cheese town, but it doesn’t mean you will not be able to taste great cheeses and fondues. Cheese is as old...

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The 10 tapas to eat if you travel to Barcelona

  Although this beautiful city is par excellence a city of tapas, it must be said that over the years, many restaurants have intensified and have set the bar very high to give incredible tapas to all who want to enjoy this famous style of food. So, if you want to eat...

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Barcelona in October: What to do?

  With the arrival of October, we want to do activities beyond the crowds of the last months of summer and all the madness that goes with the heat. During this month you will enjoy a wide range of activities, such as cultural, gastronomic, maybe artistic activities...

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