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Where to see the best sunset in Barcelona?

  It doesn’t matter if you are from Barcelona, or if you’re just here on vacation or on a business trip, the thing we all have in common is the desire to enjoy the city and its views, and of course the best view to see the sunset! Looking for the most beautiful...

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Ecological sun cream

  The good weather has arrived, yay! And with this the desire to spend all day under the sun, enjoy the rays of the sun, the terraces, the long days, the beach and the heat that we waited a long time ..We were all looking forward to spending time on the beach,...

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Pet friendly beaches near Barcelona

  All those who have pets know that these furry animals once enter our lives begin to be part of our family and share our daily life. For this reason, when you decide to go on a trip, your furry best friend can also go on vacation with you. Barcelona is a pet...

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Clothes for summer traveling

  Are you thinking of traveling to Barcelona this summer? Many think that traveling in summer is better not just because of getting that holiday tan, but also with the heat you wear less clothes and you can take less luggage in your suitcase. But you also have to...

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Do you know the basics of sailing?

  Sailing is one of the first means of transport created by humans. Used for sea fishing and for traveling, sailing has allowed humans to discover new regions, countries, civilizations and continents. At the time, you could only sail thanks to the wind, which was...

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Off the beaten track BARCELONA

  Perspective can change depending on who is looking at it. This article is more for people who do not know the city, at you, who are planning your holidays in Barcelona or who are already in the city and want to see more than tourist areas, filled with selfie...

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The best beaches to surf in Barcelona

  When they said Barcelona is made for everyone, it means there are activities for all tastes. In this case, we are talking about a sport that attracts millions of people from all over the world, and while lots already participate, many more want a taste of taste...

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Which shoes to pack for travel?

  Probably the most frustrating and annoying thing about travel packing…… deciding which shoes to take with us. Some travellers choose the first thing they find, pack it and leave for their new adventure. But others, who are more careful, decide to take their...

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The kayaking and snorkeling season is on!

  It is with great delight that we can finally declare our kayaking and snorkeling season opened! After months of waiting, the sun and the beautiful weather are finally back on the Costa Brava. We have prepared with the greatest care our kayaking and snorkeling...

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Things to do for Saint Jordi

  On April 23rd, Catalonia is all covered in pink to celebrate the day of the books, roses and love. Streets are filled with roses and books, and Barcelona becomes more romantic than ever. It is the perfect day to stroll around the city and get lost into the...

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