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Hotels Pet Friendly in Barcelona

Going on a trip with your pets is now possible. Since a relatively short time, the concept “Pet-Friendly” or also commonly known as “Dog-Friendly”, is conquering the entire world. This expression means that in the establishment, hotel or…

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Ski resorts near Barcelona

It’s been weeks since winter seems to have reached the city. The cold, the wind and the low temperatures are already permanently in Catalonia. And like everything, there is always a positive side of things and remember that where there are…

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Traveling with Bitcoins. We show you how

Would you like to travel without money? This seems incredible or still rather impossible today. Common sense tell us that something like this just can’t be possible as unfortunately, everything around us has a price, even food, which is the most…

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The best brunches in Barcelona

Although this city is not characterized by having the tradition of brunch, you can be sure that you can enjoy some delicious and tasty dishes in the Catalan capital. Sometimes you go on a trip and learn things that are not typical…

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The best sales in Barcelona

Just when you thought that all your expenses were over, the celebrations and events ended and you could start with your New Year’s resolutions, you suddenly realise that the sales are about to be upon us. pexels-photo-374894 @pexels…

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The Parade of the Three Kings

Have you decided to spend your first days of the year in the magical city of Barcelona? Then, let me tell you that you are in luck. At the beginning of the year, more specifically on January the 5th, the magic appears in all the streets of the…

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Top 4 typical Catalan cuisine restaurants

Table Adventure The good thing about traveling to another country or another city is to discover and enjoy one of the most delicious pleasures of life; food! Being able to eat typical dishes of each place should be compulsory on each trip….

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Do you know how to get around in Barcelona?

Do you enjoy traveling? If the answer is yes, then you should know from experience that whilst traveling, money tends to disappear rather quickly from your wallet, and you have no clue where it actually went. Usually, you have an estimation of how much your holiday...

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