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The 7 best free activities in summer in Barcelona

Who said summer in the city is a bad idea? It’s amazing to visit or live in Barcelona in summer. Imagine the middle of summer, like today, and enjoy this beautiful city with almost half of its inhabitants. Most locals take the month of August to go to the beach or the...

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What are the most important summer festivals?

The best of summer festivals is already here. We have all heard about the wonderful festivals of the city of Barcelona. Like Sonar, the famous Primavera Sound, the charismatic La Cruïlla or the youngest Digital. But there are two festivals that are not held in the...

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What are the best tips for treating sunburn?

How many of us have traveled or gone on weekends and suddenly without knowing why we forgot to properly protect ourselves from the sun and ended up burning? And what about the bad moment when you suffer from a burn and your skin hurts? Being proactive will help avoid...

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What are the best chiringuitos in Barcelona?

When the heat hits the city, the coast of Barcelona is full of atmosphere and life. During the winter months the beach is a place almost unknown to everyone, with the arrival of the sun, the high temperatures and the fresh air of the sea, the coastline of Barcelona is...

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What is the best place on the Costa Brava?

Like every summer season, our excursions move to the town of S'Agaró in the heart of the Costa Brava. This small town is bounded by Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Platja d'Aro. Its small houses are largely holiday homes and give to the city a very special charm. Its main...

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The night of San Juan

The San Juan Feast, which many also call the San Juan Eve or the San Juan Night is a holiday that is celebrated on June 23rd. This San Juan night serves to celebrate the summer solstice, the entrance of this season of the year and to welcome the good sunny…

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