Which shoes to pack for travel?

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Probably the most frustrating and annoying thing about travel packing…… deciding which shoes to take with us. Some travellers choose the first thing they find, pack it and leave for their new adventure. But others, who are more careful, decide to take their time to pack their suitcase with the greatest care, especially since that tiny bit of extra clothing or those extra shoes can push us into the extra check-in airline bag scenario.

Each trip is unique and has its particularities that you should consider when packing your travel shoes.

Where are you going? To the sea, mountain, city, jungle,…
What are you going to do? Working, hiking, visiting, relaxing break,…
What’s the weather and climate? Doing some research about the climate is important, you won’t take the same shoes if it’s going to be cold or hot, raining or not.
How long will you stay? The length of your stay is something to consider when you pack your stuff.

Once you have identified the different particularities of your trip and destination, you will be ready to think about the type of shoes that will suit you best.

Between sport shoes, those for going out, those for walking or to go to the beach, we are quickly cluttered by many pairs of shoes that lie at the bottom of our suitcases. We know having the right footwear is a big deal, it can totally change your trip. That is why we are going to share with you our best tips!

Do not bring high-heeled shoes: we strongly recommend that you leave your heels at home for the simple reason that it is much more comfortable to walk with flat shoes. We usually walk a lot when we travel, so you won’t often have the opportunity to wear your heels.
Bring hiking shoes only if you plan to go hiking in the mountains. If you are only planning to walk around a city, then you don’t need to pack these heavy shoes that take a lot of space in your suitcase. But if you do need them, consider wearing those bulky shoes whilst travelling to save on suitcase space.
Bring a pair of sneakers: sneakers are always the best option when you are going on a trip. Comfortable and light, they offer a solid support, even if you walk all day long, and they don’t take much space in your luggage.
Do not forget to bring a pair of sandals, if you go to a destination where the days are sunny and hot. Choose a pair that provides a great support and do not wear a new pair you just bought, to avoid blisters.
If you go to the beach, do not forget to take your flip-flops, which are always practical and comfortable and which take a very little space in the suitcase.
You can also bring with you a pair of ballerinas if you do not plan to walk all day long. You can wear them both during the day and in the evening!
Lastly, most of us overpack. Half the things we take with us on holidays we never actually use. If you know you will be moving around a lot, less luggage will make your traveling life a lot easier. So our advice, only take your essentials.

Now you know everything about what shoes to pack when you travel, you are definitely ready for your next adventure!
And you, what shoes do you wear on a trip?