Pet friendly beaches near Barcelona

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All those who have pets know that these furry animals once enter our lives begin to be part of our family and share our daily life.

For this reason, when you decide to go on a trip, your furry best friend can also go on vacation with you. Barcelona is a pet friendly city, more and more hotels and accomodations are adapted to pets, whether cats or dogs, which make it much easier for pet owners, especially during the summer.

We all like to go to the beach during summer time and enjoy the sun, but sometimes it’s not that easy to spend a day at the beach when you have a dog since a lot of beaches do not accept them. But don’t worry, if you are planning to come to Barcelona with your pets, you will find many beaches for dogs.

A little further away from the city center of Barcelona, there is the Levante Beach (Platja de Llevant). This beach was inaugurated in 2016 with a warm welcome since it allowed all beach lovers to come there with their pets. Of course, in order to enjoy the beach without problems there are some requirements that you must meet to maintain order and respect for everyone.

  • Your dog has to have a chip.
  • Your dog has to be registered in the census
  • Bring the updated vaccination record book
  • Your dog needs to wear a muzzle and a leash if he is of a dangerous breed. In this case, these breeds can not be in charge of minors (under 18 years old)
  • You are in charge of their excrement in order to keep the beach clean and nice for everyone
  • And above all, respect the other bathers

Other pet friendly beaches near Barcelona :

  • La Musclera: Located to the west of the town of Arenys de Mar.
  • Les Salines: In the town of Cubelles.
  • Cala Vallcarca: Near Barcelona in the town of Sitges.
  • Les Banyeretes: In Sant Pol de Mar

More and more are becoming pet friendly and are adapting facilities so everyone can enjoy the city.

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And you, do you travel with pets?

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