From Barcelona to Cadiz 2019

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Cadiz is one of the 100 best cities in the world to visit in 2019. Each year, the famous newspaper “The New York Times” selects the best destinations. And this year, Cadiz is one of them.
From Barcelona, ​​you can get there very easily, so if you plan to escape for a few days to visit this capital of the Spanish region, Cadiz, we definitely recommend it and share 4 ways to get there.
The fastest, by plane, Barcelona-Cádiz, flights depart from Barcelona airport.
By bus, several companies make the daily connection Barcelona – Cadiz. Of course, the journey may be cheaper than by plane, but it will be much longer.
If you have a car or if you rent one for your vacation, you can make stops on the way there and enjoy the trip in you own style. In total, it lasts about eleven hours.
Finally, two options are available to go by train, either in the Ave (high-speed electric passenger train) medium distance or the Ave on long distance, it will depend on the time and speed of the train. Here you will find the train that suits you the best.

Once there, you can discover the region and the wonders offered by the capital and its surroundings. Indeed, you will not only taste the art, the cuisine, the architecture and history of Cadiz, but also Jerez de la Frontera, a few kilometers away, a place where wine is everywhere. The famous Jerez and its culinary culture will take you to heaven. This region is full of sommeliers. The New York Times also recommends getting lost in the area and visiting the Atlantic coast and all the “flavor” of the population and its people.

If you want to know Spain, to see some of its regions, to know its inhabitants, its flavors, its cultures and its traditions, do not hesitate to make a getaway from Barcelona to Cadiz