Winter warming smoothies

Winter warming smoothies

Winter warming smoothies

Most of us associate smoothies with a fruit cocktail to savor in the middle of summer, and if it’s on the shore of the beach, all the better.

But we are going to focus on the season of the year that touches us. We are in the middle of winter, snowing in various parts of Spain and there’s nothing better than a hot beverage or meal to warm ourselves, not to mention, healthy drinks that give you the necessary energy to brave the winds and rain.
So we are going to propose three hot shakes to drink and savor this winter.

What to have for breakfast in winter?

Hot pear and ginger smoothie (with almond milk)
2 pears (with or without skin, up to you)
Ginger (one knob) but don’t overdo it!
1 and 1/2 cups of almond milk (you can use normal mild but almond milk is so much better)
2 tablespoons of almond butter
1 tablespoon maple syrup

Preparation: Extra easy
-Place all the ingredients in a blender. You can include the skin of the pear or not, that will depend on your tastes and how you do the digestion since there are people who digest the skins of fruits worse. Once everything is in the blender, blend everything for 3 or 4 minutes.

-Pour everything into a saucepan or small pot and heat the smoothie over low heat until it’s at a temperature that is comfortable to drink. (do not boil as boiling it would lose its properties)
-Serve when done.

Which shake is best to drink on an empty stomach?

Blueberry Apple Smoothie

1 apple (sweet variety, avoid green apples, they are very acidic)
3 tablespoons dried cranberries (you can buy them in supermarkets)
350 ml of water
1 finger of ginger chunks (don’t go overboard with the ginger, otherwise you’ll overshadow the flavor of the other ingredients)
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

Preparation: Easy
Put a pot of water on the hob until it boils. While you will be preparing the ingredients.
-In a small bowl or pot, place the blueberries, ginger and cinnamon.
-Pour over the ingredients, 150 ml of boiling water. Stir and let it rest for 7 – 8 minutes.
-In the blender, place the peeled apple (important without skin), clean and chopped small, together with the blueberry mixture that you made before in the bowl.
-Mash all the ingredients well. Until everything is well mixed into a uniform texture.
-Add the remaining hot water (which you have heated before) to the dough and beat for a few more minutes, until it looks creamy and without lumps.
-Serve in a hot cup or glass to start the day with strength.

What foods are good for fighting the cold?

Apple cinnamon smoothie
1 apple (preferably not acidic)
¼ cup raisins (you can find it in supermarkets)
½ teaspoon cinnamon
2 tablespoons of walnuts (you can crush them or not)
Preparation: Easy
– Start by cutting the apple into pieces (this time with the skin but without the seeds) and we will place it in a saucepan with ¼ cup of water.
– Add the raisins and cinnamon.
– Cook until the apples are soft and then let it cool.
– Put everything in the blender to crush it.
– Once crushed add the walnuts and a little warm water. (to be able to create a creamier texture)
– The shake has to have a creamy texture so you will add water according to your taste.
– Empty the drink from the blender and serve hot (not boiled).

These hot shakes are suitable to drink both on an empty stomach and at other times of the day. Starting the day with a hot smoothie when it’s cold is one of the tastiest things out there.
But if you are faithful to your morning coffee, no problem, these hot shakes can be taken at any time of the day.

What to do in Barcelona for Christmas 2020

What to do in Barcelona for Christmas 2020

What to do in Barcelona for Christmas 2020

Every kind of gathering and celebration is more complicated this year and it seems like our treasured Christmas festive season will be no different. Many of us will not be able to be close to our loved ones this year, not only due to some mobility restrictions but also due to the number of people restrictions and respecting the social distance with the most vulnerable to Covid-19. Many of us at Excursions Barcelona are expats in our adopted city and for some of us this will be our first Christmas in Barcelona.
Be that as it may if you are going to be this Christmas 2020 in Barcelona, ​​we want to share with you some ideas so as not to get bored and not be where everyone always is.

Fancy some fresh air?
-I’m sure that at some point you will need it, so a good walk in Collserola will be welcome. There are many paths to walk leaving from the Tibidabo funicular and are suitable for cycling and walking. It does get busier on weekends but the place is huge and you will still feel alone most of the time.

-If your legs allow it, we recommend that you walk the entire Barcelona coastline, or better yet, a good bike ride along the entire coast, to finish at the 3 chimneys, few people get there and the truth is that there are green areas very good to rest and relax. It might be winter but the Barcelona winter sun is still beautiful to feel on our skins at this time of year.

-Near there is the Forum area, ideal for skating, not only with skates, with longboard, or skate, with descents, for beginners and more experienced.

-If you want to see a different place in the city, also in that area of ​​the Forum, near the sea, you will find the artificial pools. (not to bathe now… or maybe yes!) It’s a great open space to sit and contemplate and maybe plan on finally getting those swimming lessons you have been thinking about for years.

-It will seem obvious but you have rarely gone walking along the breakwaters of Port Olímpic. Most people walk around the boats in Port Olímpic but rarely get to the end. If you keep walking through the restaurants you will reach the jetty, there you will have direct views of the sea, normally there are not many people so it is also a good option to spend a while looking at the sea, sitting chatting and disconnecting from the city.

Looking for activities and ideas to be outdoors?
-If you want to play some sports and get some exercise then I recommend a game on the beach. All the beaches are full of people playing volleyball, (professionals and amateurs), there are also those who play beach tennis with the typical wooden blades, play badminton with or without a net, soccer etc …
The luck we have in Barcelona is precisely that there are many beaches and a lot of space to occupy so there will always be room for your team / group and for you. And most importantly, keeping with social distancing guidelines.

– If you are only two or a small group, I recommend a park next to Barceloneta, right next to Hospital del Mar, a quiet park with a very large round court to play basketball and a couple of ping pong tables. They are a good alternative to the well-known tables in the Ciutadella park, which are always full. Those two ping pong tables are in a perfect place to play and then walk on the beach.

From Excursions Barcelona we always recommend activities, preferably outdoors and always following safety regulations. Since we are going to have to live a Christmas vacation like this, at least if we do it well, they may be the only ones and remain as one more anecdote in life. Be that as it may, doing it well costs nothing. So now you just need to enjoy these Christmas parties in Barcelona. Let’s make the best of it.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and we will see you in 2021. Please stay safe.

Winter is coming

Winter is coming

Winter is coming

Winter in Barcelona is probably one of the best seasons! It’s cold, it’s true, but it doesn’t go below 5 degrees Celsius. While summer is full of tourists and autumn and spring are rainy, winter gives you dry blue skies. There are different things to do during this season, you will not have to share the city with too many other tourists and will enjoy the empty streets either on a bike or on our partner  Barcelona private tour.

Or why not hop on a boat? Sailing around Barcelona in the winter isn’t like in the summer, instead of bikinis and swim shorts, we will be wrapped up, instead of cold beers we’ll drink hot tea but the views stay the same and for any sailing enthusiasts, it’s just great to be on the water.

Hot chocolate with churros is the best way to defeat the cold. Churros are traditional fried-dough pastries, finger food that you dip in hot chocolate sauce. You can either find them in nice small cafés or on the streets.

Chocolate con churros

Chocolate con churros
Chocolate & churros con canela. [Photo by Dr Zito], Via Flicker
Another reason why Barcelona is great in the winter: the calçots. They come from Catalonia and you can enjoy them until the end of March. Is it a leek, is it an onion? Let’s say it is in between! You can savor them during a calçotada, typical meal where they are cooked, without cleaning them, directly on the fire, and serve on a newspaper. Just need to remove the burnt skin and dip them in their sauce made of red peppers.


Who says winter says Christmas! There are many Christmas markets in Barcelona, shops are decorated for the occasion and even the streets put on a light show to make you feel the Christmas magic! A very good decision made by the city council a few years ago, the use of small L.E.D lights which store up solar energy in the day to power themselves at night.

Decorative Christmas lights

Decorative Christmas lights

After the end of the year celebrations come a brand new year and with it, with the typical winter sales. Here, in Barcelona you will have to wait until the 7th of January to go crazy shopping. Families gathered on the 6th of January for “Los Reyes” (The Three Kings), the kids receive more presents on that day with big celebrations on the streets.

If you are around in February, another attraction you shouldn’t miss is the Carnival of Sitges from the 20th until the 26th of February 2020. With more than 100 years of history, the cute harbour city becomes a place for parades, festivities and eccentric costumes.


Watersports activities in Barcelona – Escaping but not leaving the city

Watersports activities in Barcelona – Escaping but not leaving the city

As we announced a few days ago, with the restrictions many centers and companies have had to close, and unfortunately they have stopped exercising their professions and being able to offer a little leisure to people living in or around Barcelona.

Some of us have been more fortunate and we remain open with our Barcelona watersports tours.
Barcelona has many limitations due to COVID, but in terms of health and safety, we follow all the recommendations and regulations to give you some safe fun.
We want to specify that the reason that we can, even while in Barcelona, ​​give our services and offer a sailing tour along the coast of Barcelona, ​​is because maritime laws are not the same as land laws and to date nothing has been prohibited in the high seas.
Even so, we follow all the regulations, masks, distance, open air, limitation of people, cleanliness and everything to offer you not only a good time, but all the safety for you and your friends and family.

Now back to the interesting topic …
We offer sailing tours suitable for everyone. As with our kayak and snorkel tours on the Costa Brava, we wanted to lower our prices as much as possible, so that everyone can enjoy not only the sea and the views of Barcelona, ​​but also the fresh air, a moment of relaxation and tranquility, a “break” from the routine, being able to swim in the high seas and enjoy the sea breeze.

We do Barcelona sailing tours, ​​with open and private groups, so you can choose more or less privacy, with a maximum of 8 people in an open group and 9 people in a private group.
The truth is that people like it so much that most of our clients have already repeated it several times and that is why now we want to send this information to you, so that you do not miss this activity in Barcelona and you can go out and browse the Barcelona coast.

The only restriction we have is that we cannot offer drinks as we did in previous years but it is not forbidden to bring them on board, so you can bring whatever you want during your sailing tour. From drinks to snacks, yes, remember to always respect the sea and never get it dirty or throw anything in it.

Once you have remembered everything, do not forget to enter our website and reserve your place because as I have already said, this year with these discounts that we have, places are quickly sold out. For this I am going to leave you the direct link so that you can book your sailing tour in Barcelona with a single click.

We will wait for you!

What to do this summer in Barcelona -2020? Day Trips from Barcelona

What to do this summer in Barcelona -2020? Day Trips from Barcelona

After so many comings and goings, with the restrictions and new health and safety regulations, we are all super confused, we no longer know what we can do, where we can go and with whom we can get together. However, we are keeping up to date with everything, so please keep reading.

If you are in Barcelona or nearby we want to share this information with you.
We are a company based in Barcelona, ​​and every day we are updated with all the news and rules to be able to provide the correct, legal and safe services and always offering peace of mind to all our friends and clients.

Looking for a discount for a kayak tour?

This year we have lowered the prices of all our tours, now more than ever you have to think about the whole world, that’s why we are working hard to be able to reduce prices and make these discounts in order to offer you a fun and different summer, without the worry of costs stopping you from having a good time.

We are Excursions Barcelona and we want to share with you and all your friends and family the opportunity to take our day trip to La Costa Brava to enjoy a day of sun, sea and lots of kayaking and snorkeling and an affordable way to try your hand at sailing a 12 meter sailboat along the coast of Barcelona which you can read about in our next blog – Watersports within Barcelona – Escaping but not leaving the city.

All our tours are outside on the open sea where we can breathe the fresh air without needing masks and of course that all important dip into the Mediterranean to cool off from the summer heat.

From Barcelona Kayak and Snorkel Tour

Our Kayaking and Snorkeling Tour excursion to the Costa Brava leaves from Barcelona every morning at 10:00. W​e take you with a private and fully equipped van and follow the current health and safety regulations. For your part, you will only have to come with your mask and follow the guidelines that will be indicated at all times.
We will go to a small village in La Costa Brava, once there the adventure begins with our kayaks and between paddling, we snorkel, explore, laugh, get wet, we can jump from rocks, look at the seabed, hopefully find that octopus and have a great time. Always supervised by our professional and certified guides who will guide you and teach you not only kayaking tricks but show you incredibly beautiful places and corners.

After the main activity (kayaking and snorkeling) we will return to the beach, to our open area to eat sandwiches with fresh ingredients purchased every morning before starting the tour.
For all those who are not familiar with kayaking, we must remember that no one is born knowing how to kayak … however, kayaking is an easy activity suitable for everyone. In addition, our guides will teach you everything you need to have a great time. Basically, if kayaking is on your bucket list, this is your chance to tick that off.

Does the kayak and snorkel tour include food and drinks?

Once the huge sandwich is finished you can relax on the beach, explore the coastal area or have a coffee or a soft drink or cocktail at the beach bar next to our nautical center… because we chose our places very wisely 🙂

We include lunch after the activity but not drinks so don’t forget to bring plenty of water with you. Don’t worry, when you make the reservation, within seconds you receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information to keep in mind, along with the itinerary and meeting map.

But if you do still have any questions then we are available.
We will wait for you!